Sore No More Massage
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New Day Spa and Salon
4720 W. 95th St.
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
(708) 425- 9591
Greetings and Welcome to Sore No More Massage, the private
practice of Liz Oehmen. We offer therapeutic body work and spa
services in a serene setting. I look forward to meeting you and
helping you reach your goals. Whether you are looking to relax from
you hectic lifestyle or you have pain that you would like to relieve, I
am here to help you. You quickest way to wellness is my primary
goal! Whether your passion is your job, a sport, your family, or a
hobby; I will keep you moving , so you can do what you love! Enter
my peaceful and cozy home, and you'll be greeted  by
aromatherapy, homemade candles, soaps, and more. During our
consultation we will discuss your needs and wants to help us reach
your intentions together. Not just in the treatment room, but I will
provide tips and techniques to help you maintain your goals after
you leave. Then we will enter a crystal dusted massage room where
you can unwind and relax during your services. Please visit my
sidebar to see all of the services and treatments I provide. If you
have any question, please call or email me so we can pick the best
service for you. If you already know which service you would like,  
click the link below to schedule your appointment online!
I also sell Superfoods
Call or email me for more details.
Click here for a recipe booklet for Superfoods!
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valid with Liz Oehmen at the Worth location.
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appointments online by clicking this link.
Sore No More Massage
10757 S. Neenah Ave.
(near 108th and Ridgeland)
Worth, IL 60482
8) 928-6012
If you are allergic to pets please visit me at: