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Hula Hooping is a great way to reconnect with your inner
child, release the goddess within, or to just have fun while
getting a great workout!

The hula hoop classes i teach require no experience. Hula
Hooping and hoop dance helps: Build core strength, Tone
your entire body , Gain an intense cardiovascular workout,
Enjoy low impact physical activity, Develop balance and
co-ordination, Increase flexibility in your hips, Lose weight
, Clear and quiet your mind, Reduce stress, Generate joy
and laughter, and Open up creative self expression.

This class is a combination of a fitness class and hoop
dance, but mostly just lost of fun!
Where I teach:

In the summer months I also teach classes outside in
chicago ridge and downtown chicago. Sign up through our
meetup group for more info and to receive emails about
classes please go and join: