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About Liz Oehmen
Ever since I was a little girl, cutting Barbie’s hair and painting her
nails, I knew I wanted to be in the spa industry. So I became a nail
technician in 2002, and I loved my job. I really enjoy making people
feel better. But after awhile I wanted to do more, and my favorite
part of my job was giving people foot massages during their
pedicure. So while I was going for my associates in Biological
Science at Moraine Valley I received my Massage Therapy
Certification in 2006. I feel like I have found my life calling, and it
has been a ride down the rabbit hole of fate ever since! Since I am
an avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast, one of my specialties is
sports massage and I traveled with a local cycling team as their
soignée for a couple of years.  Every year I strive to learn
something new to help my clients and expand my skills.   I am
committed to my training and take classes constantly to improve
my knowledge of massage, health and well being.  My massages
treat mind and body to reach a specific goal.  I enjoy giving a
plethora of services to help people including natural nails, ear
candling, body treatments, ionic foot baths, facial cupping, and last
but not least therapeutic massage. Plus since I believe in healing
takes place as a whole person I also offer Tibetan singing bowl
meditations and raw food prep classes.
2002 Certified Nail Technician at Dudley Beauty School

2006 Certified Massage Therapy Program at Moraine Valley
where I learned Swedish, Sports, and Hot Stone Therapy

CEU Certifications:


Kinesio Taping

Massage Cupping

Raindrop Aromatherapy

John Barnes Myofascial Release

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Medi- Body Mud Packs and Muscle Testing

Pre / Peri/ Post Natal Massage