Services I Provide

Therapeutic Massage
This is a relaxing and restorative massage with a Swedish base.  It is performed with techniques
depending on the client such as hot rocks, reflexology, trigger point, and polarity. Pressure and styles are
adjusted to your comfort during every massage.

Sports Maintenance Massage
Sports massage is the application of massage techniques to achieve a specific goal. This massage
relieves sore muscles and is ideal for people active in sports, strenuous exercise or work and receive
regular massages. This massage has more time spent on specific tension areas of your body to facilitate
change in the tissues and promote healing. Massage techniques used  are cold and hot therapy, muscle
energy, range of motion, cross fiber friction, orthopedic massage, massage cupping, aromatherapy,  and
kinesio taping. The therapist also suggest stretches for the client. Greater involvement of the client and
therapist as a team is necessary during this work.

Elemental Massage
This massage is a combination of hot rocks massage,  massage cupping, raindrop aromatherapy, and
bodywork. We start with a hot rock massage to warm up the muscles, soften tissues, increase circulation
and provide comfort and relaxation. Massage Cupping™ bodywork Therapy uses varied techniques using
stationary and moving glass cups. By creating suction and negative pressure, cupping is used to: drain
excess fluids and toxins, loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue, and bring blood flow to stagnant
skin and muscles. The session is concluded with a raindrop aromatherapy treatment.

Prenatal Massage
Ease you way through pregnancy with a prenatal massage, specially designed for the needs of a mom-to-
be. Pregnancy massage has been found to reduce stress, decrease swelling in the legs, and relieve
aches and pains in muscles and joints. When receiving a prenatal massage, you will be carefully
positioned on your side with pillows to ensure comfort and safety for mother and baby. It is not
recommended to receive a massage before the second trimester. You must consult your physician
before receiving a massage and bring a doctors note with you.

Ear Candling
This age old remedy is a relaxing method to remove build up wax and toxins trapped in the ear. A cone-
like paraffin candle is inserted into the ear and lit at the open end. The combination of heat and smoke is
soothing and begins the natural process of drawing out wax and toxins from the ear and collects inside
the candle. This treatment is ideal for allergy and sinus sufferers. One candle per ear

Hand Services
*Mini Manicure- This is perfect for little girls or in between manicures, it includes a file and polish    
*Hot Stone Manicure- Groom and pamper your hands with Exfoliation, Hot stone Massage from elbow to
finger tip. Cuticles and nails are nourishingly groomed. Polish is expertly applied...and Truly lasts
*Ultimate Spa Manicure- Has all the  benefits of the basic hot  stone manicure, but also includes  hot
paraffin to Relax and Rejuvenate.                    

Foot Services
*Foot Express- This waterless pedicure includes nail shaping, cuticle care, foot lotion and polish.        
*Hot Stone Pedicure- Relax while you enjoy a foot soak , Knee to Toe Exfoliation with Dead Sea Salts,  Hot
Stone  Massage, Cuticles and Nails are nourishingly groomed and cleansed.  Calluses?  Not for
* Ultimate Spa Pedicure- This indulgence is filled with all the benefits of the hot stone pedicure but also
includes a 2nd scrub and finished with your choice hot paraffin treatment or a warm foot

Body Reducing Cocoon
A total body treatment using massage cupping and essential oils. The massage cupping uses a vacuum
plastic cup to create a suction on the body's surface then is moved over the skin to create a gliding that
with break down adhesions that cause that "orange peel" texture. The cupping also enhances the results
of aromatherapy. Then specific essential oil blends for cellulite are applied to the skin. You are then
cocooned to keep the heat in while you enjoy a relaxing neck and head massage. It is recommended that
you receive 1 session a week for 8 weeks.    O

Radiant Body Wrap
Emerge confident, energized and radiant from this full body treatment. Begins with an exfoliating and
Refining Duo scrub followed by a conditioning Organic Balancing Body Wrap that works as a two-part
system to maximize skin purification and hydration and ends with a toner and hot stone massage leaving
your skin soft, smooth and glowing.    90 minutes:

Medi-Body Mud Body Treatment
The Medi-Body Pack has therapeutic clay, peat magma and shilajit; used for thousands of years in many
cultures to helps increase circulation, boosts immune system, eases muscle tension, and rejuvenates
cells. These mud packs help initiates the “thermal effect”; an increased, deep intrinsic cellular cleansing
effect which helps rapidly clear whole body burden of toxic bioaccumulation to return to ideal cellular
resonance. Medi- Body Packs are a quick resolution of many aches and pains and is excellent for
resolution of scar interference fields.  It is made with 100% Premier Quality ingredients: No oxidized peat,
no weak or toxic clays, no irradiated/pesticides herbs. We recommend using in conjunction with Med-
Body  Bath to help rebalance the body , replace electrolytes and to continue the detoxifying process.

Full Body Treatment: : You start by laying on a heated bio-mat while your therapist does skin brushing to
exfoliate you skin and stimulate your lymphatic system which helps detoxify your body. I then apply the
mud packs to specific area of your body is 3 phases plus a castor oil pack on your abdominal.  You are
then cocooned you while you receive a head and should lymphatic drainage massage. Your session
ends with hot towels
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